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Key tennis betting strategies

The popularity of predictions on tennis among bettors is due to the fact that sensational results here – far from being rare. The tennis world is constantly discussing unbelievable drains of the leaders or victories of dark horses, and sensationalism is an opportunity to break the “big score”. That’s why tennis bets are a good idea for you.

Betting on the first point

The essence of the technique is to predict, in whose asset will be written the first draw of the ball in the game. A handler studies the statistics of the serving and receiving players and, relying on the received data, selects on whom to bet. The method can be combined with the strategy of catch-up on the server (risky) or stairs (minimal risk).

Betting on Expresses

Expresses can be formed on tennis matches, in which the quotes are multiplied and the amount of possible winnings increases dramatically. However, the bettor will need to perform an in-depth analysis of the opponents to be sure of two or more outcomes. Expresses can be formed within a single match – for example, to bet on a player to win, then on a negative handicap and the total of games less.

Bets on the exact score

The strategy provides two possible variants of events. If a clear favorite and an outsider meet, the kapper makes a bet on the score 2:0 or 3:0, but the odds must exceed 1.50. If the game is played by a favorite, which the opponent is able to fight, bettor bets on the victory of the favorite with a score of 2:1 (for such bets suitable only for three-set matches). Experts recommend tennis betting on the exact score 3-5% of the total bankroll.

Bets on plum

Specialists note that a number of tennis matches look like a betting deal. They take place at small tournaments, for which the winner receives 250 points. The scheme of the game is the same: the opponent wins the first set by a good margin, the odds of his victory at the end of two sets drops, and in the end the second game is lost. Some tennis players were even punished with disqualification for such shenanigans, but they are opened rarely.

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Bets on totals

Totals are among the most popular bets in general, and tennis is no exception. Players bet on games, and in order to correctly calculate a prediction, it is worth to arm yourself with statistics and know approximately the form of the opponents. According to sports analysts, the average three-set match includes 22 games, and “five-set” – 36. On this data and it is worth starting from. However, there are games in which the tennis players look confident on their serve, even too much. For example, the confrontation between Ivo Karlovic and John Isner can break the total of 39 even after three sets. If tied players look confident on their serves, choose the total over, and determine the value based on the risk tolerance.

Shchukin Strategy

Make bets on Parimatch strategy Shchukin Shchukin’s strategy should be based on the won break points and the odds of winning another player’s serve should exceed the index of 3.00. Bets are placed on oppositions where there is no clear favorite. Choose men’s or doubles matches. The strategy of increasing the bet in case of loss is similar to the Martingale method. A capper makes a bet and doubles it in case of failure. Then increases by the original amount for each loss. Choose duels in the women’s tour, because male tennis players do not often bring games to an even score. Quotes for such a score should range from 1.70 to 2.30. The best option is to bet on games that are played on a dirt surface. Clay slows down the speed of the ball, so the rallies are often long. In the first games of the game, study the statistics. If no such score has been recorded, choose this line outcome in the following games. Combine the 40 40 method with the Martingale strategy to be in the black.

Mathematical tennis betting strategies

Mathematical strategies involve planning bets so that the outcome of the kapper won. Based on the calculations on the Martingale strategy, but there are modified variations, which include the methodology of the Fibonacci indices, the Danish strategy, etc.

In-play tennis betting

Generally, experts recommend making all bets in real time, and it is necessary that the trader himself watch the video broadcast and determine the possible course of events. This approach allows reacting to any changes in quotes, game situations on the court, varying strategies and outcomes. What bookmakers to bet on tennis? All top bookmakers offer bets on tennis events. The difference lies in the number of outcomes in the line and the margin. The more outcomes a bookmaker offers, the more opportunities a professional trader has to choose an appropriate strategy. Also, bettors should choose the bookmaker’s offices with the lowest margins in order to win.

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