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Horse Racing Betting: Top Factors and Popular Strategies

Today bookmakers are associated mainly with football and a couple of other popular sports, but the development of bookmakers began with horse racing betting. At the beginning of the last century, British gentlemen came to the racetracks and watched the jockeys rushing their horses to the finish line. Of course, with the advent of ball games, racing betting faded into the background, but this entertainment has a lot of fans. You don’t have to go to the racetrack to place a bet. Top bookmakers offer to bet remotely parimatch India.

According to one of the versions, it was at the racetrack that bookmakers and sports parimatch betting were born. At first glance, everything is simple in the races: I chose a horse betting, bet on it, and if it came first, I won. In fact, betting on horse racing, like any other sport, has its own nuances. In this article, we will try to talk about the main and the main thing.

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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in a number of countries: in the USA, Australia, Britain, the United Arab Emirates. Competitions are held at different distances and on a variety of surfaces (grass, sand, etc.), and only this already suggests that, before online horse betting on the races, you need to understand.

Types of horse racing bets

Despite the fact that horse races are also held on the territory of our country, legal Internet bookmakers mainly accept bets on horse races that take place abroad. Let’s consider the most common betting options and for convenience we will mention the names of the bets in English, which are used by foreign bookmakers.

Winner Bet

Everything is simple here. The usual type of bets on the winner of the race. We choose a horse, and if it comes to the finish line first, we get a win. It is also possible to choose a horse and make the opposite bet, that is, if he does not come to the finish line first, you get a win.

Winner bets

Of course, it is difficult to guess the winner of the race, and it is in order to increase the probability of winning that bookmakers offer the option of betting on the top three winners. That is, the selected horse must reach the top 3 at the end of the race. This type of bets in bookmaker lines can also be called Show , or “” Show “”.

It is also worth noting that the number of prizes in different races may vary. And if there are more than three of them and the horse gets into the prizes, then such a bet in this sport is called Place , or “” Prize “”.

Bets on Winners in Correct Sequence

Also in horse racing there is such a type of bets as “” Forecast “”, or Forecast. Here, the player must guess the horses that will come first and second in the race. The variation of the bet can be changed, giving the player the opportunity to bet randomly rather than on certain places that the horses will occupy.

Some bookmakers to the “” Forecast “” offer a bet option “” Triple Forecast “”, or Tricast . This bet is identical to the one described above, with only one caveat: here you need to choose already three horses.

Who is higher

In this bet, the player chooses the one who will take the higher place from any two horses. That is, throughout the entire race, the player watches a duel between two horses.

Horse racing betting strategies


The most popular horse betting parimatch strategy. Let’s make a reservation right away that it does not guarantee a 100% win. In equestrian sports, as in any other discipline, sensations occur, where favorites are inferior to outsiders.

In the first races of the day, you must select three favorites at different racetracks with odds of at least 2.00. Then the selected horses must be combined into one bet called “”Trixie””. That is, you need to make one triple express bet and three doubles.

A similar system can be used when betting on two favorites in the opening (morning) runs. Only now you need to place two single bets on favorites and one express bet.

Accountant Al Capone’s strategy

According to legend, the next strategy for betting on horse racing was invented by the chief accountant of an American gangster. Its essence is that the player finds races where the odds offered by bookmakers for favorites are overstated and fluctuate around 4.00. Then a bet is made on several favorites at once. If one horse wins, the player remains in the black.

The capper must understand the peculiarities of accepting bets on horse races. Different types of odds are offered at different times, and the bettor should take this factor into account:

AR coefficient. Bookmakers post quotes long before the start of the tournament. It is used by cappers who carry out in-depth preliminary analysis to determine the favorite and outsider of the tournament.

EP coefficient. Quotes are posted at the moment when the list of race participants is approved. Usually the coefficient appears a few days before the start of the race.

EP-board coefficient. Quotes are valid from the moment the horses enter the courtyard until the start of the race.

SP coefficient. It is offered just before the start. The given odds can change for the same horse, so bettors choose the quotes that correspond to their strategies.

Before making his prediction, it is important for a capper to study the following statistics that affect the final result:

Horse age. At short distances, young horses seem to be the obvious favorites. However, if the capper is betting on a long distance, then experience decides a lot.

Rest between runs. It is important for the capper to know what distance the race is planned for and how much time the horse has received before that to rest. For a sprint, a horse is considered well rested if the pause is a month. For long distances, extended rest is a negative factor.

Jockey weight. The average weight of a jockey is within 60 kilograms.

Exceptions are made for beginners. Therefore, knowing the weight of the jockey, the capper can judge his experience as well.

Weather. Races take place on open hippodromes, so changes in weather conditions are able to make their own adjustments to the balance of power – outsiders can easily be among the winners. Cappers usually refrain from betting if major weather changes are expected.

What to look for when betting on horse racing? Useful Tips Horse age

Undoubtedly, a young horse at short distances has more chances than his “”aged”” brother. But if you are a fan of long-distance races, then experience plays a major role.

Length of races

Before making a bet, you need to know how long the race will be and whether the horse had a break before it. If this is a sprint (short run), then the horse needs to rest for at least a month, but if it is a long distance, then a long break is unnecessary, or rather, undesirable.

Jockey weight

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The average weight of a jockey is 60 kilograms. But novice athletes are allowed to exceed this limit in order to improve the balance with the horse. So it becomes clear that the lighter the jockey, the more experienced he is and the more chances he has to win.


Weather, as with other outdoor sports, can produce unexpected results when the favorites are inferior to the outsiders. Therefore, before making a bet, it is necessary to clarify the weather conditions at the racetrack.

Which bookmakers accept horse racing bets?

Before writing about which legal bookmakers accept bets on horse races, it is worth noting that horse race bets are more common on sweepstakes at the racetrack.

Nevertheless, bets can also be made in bookmaker companies. The difference from the sweepstakes is that the bookmakers offer odds for each horse, and in the sweepstakes, the total amount of bets is divided among the winners. You can place bets on the sweepstakes and bookmakers in our country both at the racetrack and on the Internet.

Where to bet on the races?

Top bookmakers offer a wide range of horse racing outcomes. When choosing a bookmaker, the following factors matter: Office age. The longer the office offers its services to cappers, the more reliable it is. Quotes. Bookmakers calculate odds using their own algorithms. Consequently, cappers choose bookmakers where the odds are higher and the margin is lower. List of events. Popular bookmakers offer betting on top competitions, while smaller tournaments usually offer highly specialized bookmakers. Line. Each bookmaker offers its own line of outcomes – exotic and combined variations may be present in it. Bonuses and special offers. Most of the top bookmakers offer promotions and bonuses that make the betting game more attractive.

Useful Tips

Some helpful tips for horse racing bettors include: Traditional strategies do not apply to horse racing. For example, the popular Dogon or Martingale will help you quickly drain your deposit. You don’t have to bet on every run. Take the time to study statistics. It is important to approach bets with a cool head, to carry out the necessary preliminary calculations, to rely on the chosen strategy. It is a bad habit to sympathize with horses or jockeys. Bets should not be driven by emotion.

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